• Image of BTS Sope Fusion! Enamel Pin Set

Please love sope with me.

1" gold plated soft enamel pins. Comes in a set of two only and includes a "Fusion, ha!" sticker.

Features Suga (Yoongi) and J-hope (Hoseok) from BTS. Pre-order bonus is a postcard.

Please do not buy B-grade pins if you want perfection
B-grade pins have very minor defects ranging from 1 or 2 tiny specks of dust in the enamel fill or fills that slightly spill over the edge of the metal. B Defects are generally not noticed unless you stare at them fairly closely. C-grade pins will generally have larger specks of dust on or under the enamel. On occasion, wrong colored fills. C defects can be noticed at a reasonable distance.

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